CNN‘s social media team probably didn’t think the whole “#AskACop” thing through after putting out a call for questions using the trending topic. Considering that some police haven’t been shining examples of humanity to some lately, the barrage of questions came in the form of vicious slander as expected.

As reported by Mashable, CNN tweeted out the hashtag Tuesday (Dec. 16) evening and the response was swift and relentless as expected. Opening itself up for all kinds of criticism, CNN’s hashtag eventually rose to the top of the national trending topics of the night due to the reactions. For whatever reason, the network was proud of that feat.

Later that evening, the CNN Tonight show was set to feature five police officers who have used deadly force in the past while on the job. No word yet on if any of the slander made its way to the airwaves, but the hashtag left us all with some gems to behold.

Hit the following pages to see some of the best “#AskACop” tweets and let us know if we missed any good ones.


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