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Summertime cookouts can reveal a lot about Black people but there is an even deeper culture beyond the proper way to make potato salad or hot the grill should be.

Earlier today, May 19, a meme posing a weighted question made its round across social media and Black Twitter heavily engaged in answering it, spurring serious discussion, disagreements and even arguments.

See, there is a bit of principality generally involved with “fixing plates” at BBQ get-together. It’s an act of servitude–not meant to be degrading–for the one who’s receiving the food without having to lift a finger. It’s generally reserved for the loved, the elderly and the favored and having another woman encroach on that territory usually means the ultimate no-no.

Although, we could be wrong. Take a look at some of the craziest reactions the fixing plates meme above created in the gallery below.

Photos: Twitter

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