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On Sunday (Dec. 13), activist and New York Daily News writer Shaun King posted a video of the Nicholas Robertson shooting which seemed to garner a negative response from many. Somehow, this all morphed into a visible shouting match between King and fellow activists Johnetta “Netta” Elzie and Deray McKesson that got personal at times.

King posted the Robertson video much as he’s done with similar cases in the past, but it appears many in the activist community and abroad do not approve of this method. Despite King’s insistence via Twitter that the bold stance he takes in posting such content helps the families of victims win court cases, it did not go over well.

The string of conversations are confusing and the point of contention is certainly hard to follow but what was left in the aftermath of King, Elzie and McKesson clashing was astounding. Despite being aligned as leaders of a movement to highlight injustices of police against communities of color, there seemed to be a large split in philosophy between the trio.

King, who singled out Elzie by saying McKesson wasn’t fond of working with her, has since apologized for bringing up personal attacks towards the pair. However, it seems as if King was lashing back and what he said were insidious comments being made about him from others within the Black Lives Matter and related movements.

Check out the following tweets to get a sense of things. Hopefully, they can all come to a place of agreement as the work they’ve done thus far is still considered valuable by many.


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