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Troy Ave joins a list of rappers who have released albums or mixtapes from jail.

Troy Ave has enough money to afford defense attorneys but he’s telling his fans and the world what really happened the night he and two other people were shot and one man was killed for free on his new Free Troy Ave mixtape.

The tape opens up with Ave freestyling over the phone from behind bars outlining the details that lead to the shooting.

In the intro he raps:

Locked in a jail but I’m gonna get free

I wear icy gold chains can’t no brass break me

P*ssy n*gga tried to assassinate me

I took the gun, turned the tables ’round like a G

R.I.P. my n*gga B-A-N-G,

Couldn’t make your funeral, but I heard that you was fleek

He ends the freestyle saying that he is innocent of the crime he is currently being charged with and says that he is using his time locked away to “get ready for the grind.”

Ave is being charged with attempted murder for his role in a deadly shooting that took place in May at a T.I. concert in New York City’s Irving Plaza. The NYPD released video a man appearing to be Ave shooting into a VIP section. Three people were injured by gunshots including himself. His close friend and bodyguard Ronald McPhatter was shot in killed in the chaos.

Troy Ave’s lawyers have claimed that their client is the real victim, saying that he did not start the chain of events that lead to the shooting nor did he shoot himself in the leg.

In the wake of the shooting, multiple Hip-Hop shows have been cancelled in New York City and T.I. has seen one of his gigs in Florida get canned as well.

Free Troy Ave contains music that was planned to be released at a later date with the original title being Real vs. Fake. Since controversy sells, we have this title now. Ave uses the skits on the mixtape to confess his innocence, talk about how it is in jail and the hard time he is having in there. Continue reading to listen to the tape for yourself.

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