Soliloquy of Chaos


Method Man

Icon: Method Man

A.k.a. Meth a.k.a. Johnny Blaze a.k.a. Tical a.k.a. The Iron Lung a.k.a. Hot NiKkles a.k.a. – son had a lot of aliases, b. And as dope as it was for him to be a part of Luke Cage, it does make us wonder why it wasn’t Cam’ron, Juelz Santana or even one of the A$AP Mob members or any other of the many Harlem rappers that made a name for themselves in the rap game. We ain’t complaining though.



Icon: Sway

Sway is one of, if not, the most recognizable and beloved Hip-Hop media personalities in the game. Having been in the game since the early 90’s, the OG Hip-Hop journalist is considered by many to be the Tom Brokaw of the culture.


The Glow

Reference Maybe: The Last Dragon

Ok, we’ll admit that we’re really reaching with this one. Like Scottie Pippen arm length reaching forreal. After Diamondback turned Harlem’s Paradise into rubble he went to hide out at some warehouse near the Harlem River. Coincidentally enough, that warehouse does look a bit like the one where the villainous Sho’nuff shot the fair one with the heroic Bruce Leroy and found “the glow” to whup some ass in the process in the classic film The Last Dragon. In this scene of Luke Cage, Diamondback is cornered by Selena’s little brother and his murderous mariachi band of brothers, but is able to take them all down after he opens up a box which contains a special super suit that glows.

Again we’ll admit that this is a Stretch Armstrong reach but anything is possible in the MCU. That said if there isn’t a reference to the greatest hood martial arts movie of all-time in any of the Luke Cage episodes then Marvel really dropped the ball on that one.

Also if you’ve never seen The Last Dragon but have seen The Karate Kid like 100 times then you played yourself up to this point in life.


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