The 48 Laws Of Power

Diamondback says the 48 Laws of Power got him through the darkness. The 48 Laws Of Power is one of a few books such as The Art Of War and Street Players that heads used to read to get prepared for the war outside that no man was safe from. 50 Cent himself tried to bank on the popularity of The 48 Laws Of Power by dropping The 50th Law but really only G-Unit fanatics went out and copped that. We kid we kid.


“You wan’ test me?”

Reference: Belly

In the 90’s the only times we’d really see rappers on the silver screen were when they played 2nd or 3rd fiddle to the film’s lead (In Too Deep, Above The Rim, Higher Learning, etc) but when Nas and DMX were cast to star in the Hype Williams directed Belly the whole hood lost their collective minds. One of the film’s most famous scenes involved the principal druglord get into a Scarface-ish shootout where he spewed all kinds of phrases that dudes would be saying – in Jamaican accents – for the next decade when they’d be beefing or during sex. “Who wan’ test me?!,” “Wanna romp with me?” and “I’m the original don dadda!” It really did work in all kinds of situations if you think about it.

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