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DJ Duffey might have made the rounds as a meme earlier this year, but she’s becoming well known for her other, ahem, talents as well. The turntable tease mad a name for herself as a former member of the Basketball Wives: LA cast and as Curren$y‘s DJ as well.

DJ Duffey, who calls Amber Rose one of her closest friends, has a penchant for spinning records in revealing outfits. Being thick and self-aware, Duffey makes no bones about showing off her curves and changing up her hairstyle. However, her signature finger waves might be the look most associated with Duffey.

Duffey almost didn’t make it in her current career. The former basketball star and University of Texas at Arlington graduate got married fresh out of college at 21 and became a single mom after she and her husband split. After moving back to Texas and linking with DJ ASAP, Duffey learned how to actually work the tables and not just be a pretty face. Her abilities led to her DJ-ing at Rose’s Slut Walk event in 2015 and becoming Curren$y’s tour DJ.

But enough of that, let’s get to the photos! Look below and hit the following pages to see DJ Duffey, our latest Bangin Candy, in all her glory.

Photo: Instagram

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