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Former Chicago Police Department superintendent Garry McCarthy believes Black Lives Matter is the blame for Chicago‘s murder and crime rates.

In an interview with “The Cats Roundtable” show, McCarthy gave his reasons why Chicago has emerged as one of America’s murder capitals. According to his logic, the reason why so many murders are happening in Chicago’s African-American communities is because of the Black Lives Matter movement. He feels that BLM is creating an “atmosphere of anti-police sentiment” that is leading to a rise in crime.

He says, “So what’s happening, and this is ironic, is that a movement with the goal of saving black lives at this point is getting black lives taken, because 80 percent of our murder victims here in Chicago are male blacks.”

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one confused.

He goes on to explain that people not cooperating with the police is what is leading to the rise in crime. Not poverty. Not the fact that Chicago police officers kill teenagers like Laquan McDonald and try to cover it up. Not the fact that police officers themselves have been accused of contributing to the murder rate by killing people and making it look gang-related.

He says BLM promotes “lawlessness” and offers “the simplest way to describe it is that we have created an environment where we have emboldened criminals and we are hamstringing the police.”

BLM has become the subject of much false blame over the last year. A cop in Dallas included the organization in a $500 million lawsuit saying they incite police attacks. We’ve also seen cases where people have set their own homes on fire and claimed that BLM protesters did it.

Garry’s remarks are the latest in this growing trend.

Photo: AP