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Ice Cube says he’s celebrating the 25th anniversary of his classic Death Certificate with a re-release featuring three new songs.

Technically, Cube is going to be one year late, but classics have no expiration date. Cube made the announcement in an interview on Sway In the Morning.

“We’re gonna drop the 25th anniversary edition of Death Certificate,” he says. “We got three new songs on there. A song called ‘Only One Me,’ another song called ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop,’ and then a song called ‘Dominate the Weak.’”

In case you weren’t around to witness it, when Death Certificate dropped in the fall of 1991 it was a phenomenon that changed the way people listened to rap music. Cube succeeded in describing the life of the average Black male growing up during a time where gangs, drugs, AIDS and racism where daily battles while rap and the Nation of Islam appeared to be the only real solutions or ways out. The album featured classic songs like “True To The Game,” “Steady Mobbin” and his infamous NWA diss “No Vaseline.”

Cube also talked about his new BIG3 basketball league where former NBA players like Allen Iverson, Kenyon Martin, Chauncey Billups and more will compete. He says hand checking and trash talk will be allowed as well.

Check out the entire interview below.

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