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The Hip-Hop community is still mourning the loss of Prodigy. In what seems to be his final interview, the Mobb Deep MC details his battle with sickle cell, seeing demons and why he didn’t believe in God.

Regardless of his small stature it was clear P had the heart of ten men. Shortly before his last day he appeared on VICELAND’s The Therapist, a show that pairs Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh with musicians to discover their true lives away from the entertainer persona. If you were a real fan of Prodigy you knew he didn’t bite his tongue, thus making this sit down eerily compelling given his sudden passing.

In the 22 minute plus interview, the “Quiet Storm” rapper opens up about how his long battle with the red blood disorder made him doubt God. “Having conversations with God, begging God to make the pain go away and the pain wouldn’t go away – so, I’m like, ‘Who the hell am I talking to?’ God is not responding, so I don’t believe in that” he explained.

Even more interesting is his very detailed account of how he saw a black shadow in his room that he hints to be the grim reaper. “When I laid down to go to sleep, you know, all of the lights were off in my room, and I’m laying there and a black shadow walk across my room. And it looked like—the only way I can describe it [as looking] like is the Black Spider-Man.”

Naturally Dr. Singh asked him if he was of clear mind during the encounter to which he replied “So I just laid there, and I put the sheet over my head like a little kid, just like, forced myself to go to sleep. And I woke up the next morning—the pain woke me up. I [hadn’t] been sick in six years. And I was in so much pain I had to get carried to the hospital. I knew what happened automatically, I already knew what it was. I already knew what that black shadow was.”

Other highlights include Prodigy discussing the time he was visited by a U.F.O., but if you read his autobiography you already knew that story.

You can peep the entire interview by logging into VICELAND here.

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