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Meek Mill is taking a new approach in his career, dusting himself off after suffering a few dings that would knock many off their path. In a recent interview, the Philadelphia MC gets candid about his new album, Wins & Losses, past feuds, and much more.

From the Associated Press:

AP: What compelled you to name your album “Wins and Losses”?

Mill: Everybody saying that I’m losing and I lost. I lost my case. I lost my friends to the streets. Those things really meant something to me. I started off in the basement on a karaoke machine. Now I’m in million-dollar studios, making a lot of money being able to feed my family and take them out a crazy environment, still being able to wake up on my own time and do things how I want to do it. That’s my definition of winning. I determine my definition of losing on this album.

AP: Your single “Young Black America” has a politically-charged tone. What do you want people to take away from it?

Mill: It’s an eye-opener for the young people for my culture. It’s to help them open their eyes and see what they are really dealing with in real reality. A lot of rap isn’t based off reality most of the time. Sometimes it’s ignorant. … I just wanted to give young people in our culture an understanding of what’s going on. In one video, we got young kids with guns with KKK masks on, basically saying we killing our own.

Read the entire Q&A session by way of here.


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