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The fourth season of Power ends with cliffhangers, death, and big reveals.

Spoilers are below. You have been WARNED!

Raina’s murder reverberated across the entire POWER landscape. Her death served as the catalyst for unexpected alliances, personal accountability, and desperate plays for self-preservation. Her demise also led to the revelation of whose been orchestrating Ghost’s downfall this season: Dre.

Andre Coleman. Who would’ve thought that Dre would be the epicenter of everyone’s disdain? The kid from the streets of Southside Jamaica Queens who was coerced by Kanan to infiltrate Ghost’s organization and destroy it from within, has now evolved from Trojan Horse to urban warfare strategist.

Dre positioned himself with the Jiminez by implicitly excommunicating Tommy from his own organization, attempted to kill Kanan, and will silence anyone who dares blow his cover (including Father Callahan, who tried to do the right thing among all his sinful ways, and still ended up dead). Slowly his anonymity began to unravel, as those affected around him began to collaborate and put the pieces of this season-long puzzle together, along with finding Raina’s killer, Ray Ray.


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