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Is Cam’ron trying to heat up his old beef with Jay-Z? We don’t know for sure but it certainly seems like Killa is trying to get at someone in the rhymes on a new cut he previewed on his IG page and Hova seems like the most likely candidate.

Why does it seem like Jay might be the target of these darts? Well if you remember some Hova lyrics off of “Moonlight” where Jay referenced Kanye’s now infamous rant saying “Look, I know killers/You know Killa, huh?” and later said “Stop walkin’ around like y’all made Thriller,” then you’d be able to connect the dots.

In the preview to Cam’s untitled cut he can clearly be heard saying “He no killer, y’all know Killa” before eventually referencing Michael Jackson with “R.I.P. to Mike but i’m the real – thriller!” It should be noted that he immediately followed that line with “I’m done with that, I ain’t beefin’ with the family, man.”

So maybe it was a few quick darts thrown at Jay to remind him he’s got his rap radar on high alert but isn’t looking for the same kind of drama that he felt led to his Lambo getting swiss cheesed up in Washington D.C. back in 2005.

While this is all just speculation at this point everyone’s wondering why – if true – is Cam now throwing subliminals at Jay after all this time?

Did he feel Jay threw him an indirect change-up with that “You know Killa, huh?”? (We honestly thought he meant “You no killa”) Could he be tight that Hova threw Jim Jones a lifeline with the Roc Nation signing? Who knows. Whatever the case may be we’ll have to wait to see if Cam really responded to Jay or if this microwaved beef is just a big nothing burger.

Sidenote: Props to Cam for having all that Moon Rock. Sheesh!

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