With every passing day that the Divider-In-Chief sits in the Oval Office tweeting and vomiting racially charged statements, white supremacists feel emboldened to do as they please when they please and where they please.

The latest racist-fueled actions came on the campus of American University where someone or some people hung posters of the Confederate flag with cotton attached to them and messages that read “Huzzah for Dixie” and “I Wish I Was In The Land Of Cotton” in a smaller font. The back of the posters had “D.C. Counter Resistance” written on them.

The racist fliers were spread around three locations of the college campus and the university has since stated that they are investigating the incident in a statement released yesterday.

According to RawStory the actions came on the heels of a Tuesday night presentation in which the founder of the university’s Antiracist Research and Policy Center, Ibram X. Kendi was preparing to deliver what he called “A Vision Of Equality.”

Unfortunately, people born of privilege view equality as oppression for them and we end up with crap like this.

This isn’t the university’s first racially charged incident. Back in May bananas with “AKA” written on them were found hung by nooses were found on the campus as well. AKA was assumed to be referring to the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, a historically African-American organization.

In light of the latest incident, the student government felt compelled to condemn the actions of the racist offenders.

“The American University Student Government is infuriated by the Confederate flag posters with cotton bushels,” read the statement. “The significance of this occurring as our country continues to struggle with its history of white supremacy also cannot be ignored.”

Expect more of these kinds of incidents and even worse to continue as long as the “President” of the United States continues to excuse its perpetrators as “fine people.”

Photo: Twitter