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Killer Mike was one of the many to take notice of Vice President Mike Pence‘s NFL protest jig, and took the former Indiana governor to task as only he can. The Run The Jewels rapper stated in his fiery missive via Instagram that “I hope we send his religious nut ass back home,” while referencing the elections in 2020.

Killer Mike posted an image of Pence’s tweet on Monday (Oct. 9) in where he “explained” why he left the Indianapolis Colts vs. San Francisco 49ers game early on Sunday (Oct. 8), doing so because of the peaceful protests of kneeling on the field. Although the moment was proven to be staged, and paid for with taxpayer dollars, Pence tried to make it a political and moral issue based on respect for the country’s flag and the National Anthem.

From Mike’s IG:

I wonder how he feels about the constitution. The document that contains the principles this republic is founded on. The 1st being #FreeSpeech. Free speech is what protects this and any protest. The constitution that guards against Tyranny like the state abusing and denying citizens full rights. U know the stuff that prompted the kneel. The kneel is to bring awareness to the public that officers of the law are playing Judge, Jury and executioner therefore denying Americans Citizens their constitutional rights becuz they are a racial minority.

Mike ended his missive with, ” God speed on our next election. I hope we send his religious nut ass back home to relish in his false understanding of what this country is and we never see him on a national stage again.”

That about sums it up, right?

Photo: Instagram/Killer Mike

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