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Once again ESPN sports personality and culture critic Stephen A. Smith has found himself squabbling with an NBA star. This time the loudmouth sports analyst took a swipe at the Cleveland Cavalier’s J.R. Smith for wearing a hoodie while sitting on the bench stating that the look itself would conjure up memories of Trayvon Martin in the minds of white folks.


The rant came during Smith’s podcast where Stephen blew a gasket saying that Nike “need to get rid of them damn hoodies! There’s no place for a hoodie! A hoodie shouldn’t be attached to a uniform!”

J.R. Smith caught wind of Stephen A. Smith’s criticism and took to his Twitter account to rightfully question Smith’s hoodie theory.

After Stephen saw J.R. Smith’s reaction to his rant, Smith backtracked on his statements saying that he was calling out Nike for producing the hoodie attire, not J.R. for wearing it on the sidelines.

In an interview with ESPN, J.R. Smith recalled Stephen A. giving him a different explanation for his beef with J.R. rocking the hoodie

“It’s crazy because after our first game when we played Boston, I saw him in the tunnel and he said, ‘Be careful wearing your hoodie because people are going to mistake that for you not wanting to play because you’re not starting or you being frustrated… I said, ‘OK, I can see that.’ But then you’re switching it up to say what you said. It’s like, what are you talking about? It’s cool. I mean, I expect it. I should expect that at this point.”

We’re not entirely sure when Stephen A. Smith went all conservative on everyone with his opinions but in the age of social media he will continue to get called out on his asinine rants like this.

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