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Master P Impostor

Hip-Hop mogul Master P. and Tennessee State officials are investigating a woman they claim is using Master P and his brother C Murder’s name to scam people out of charity donations.

According to News Action 5 in Tennessee, Master P is more than outraged over the use of his name and likeness by Alisha Harris, a woman that the state claims is using the rapper’s name to put money in her own pockets.

“This is crazy, “Master P. said in the interview,”She needs to be stopped.”

According to investigative reports, Harris, who lives in a boarding house in Memphis, is operating a series of websites claiming to be affiliated with both Master P. and Corey Miller, who is currently appealing a life sentence for allegedly murdering a 16-year-old in 2002.

Masster P, whose real name is Percy Miller, is more than upset about the use of his brother   Corey “C-Murder” Miller’s name to promote the Corey Miller Food Foundation; which the rapper states he and his family have no affiliation with.

But it’s not just Master P who has had his name used without consent, reports state that every affiliate listed on the woman’s website is not partnered with her nor have they ever worked with her.

According to the woman’s website, the Corey Miller Food Foundation raises money for under privileged children and needy families, by hiring welfare recipients and ex-felons to solicit potential contributors; another selling point that Harris uses to give her foundation credibility.

The websites also list a number of official state organizations that are allegedly in partnership with Harris, who claims that she hires ex-felons and welfare recipients at $10 an hour.

In the Action News 5 investigation, tax records revealed that Harris doesn’t have a license to solicit in the state, although her 2009 tax returns list an income of more than $150,000 from charitable donations.

Master P., who is concerned that the bogus operation will tarnish his reputation, made it very clear that he is no way affiliated with Harris, or has even met her.

“I have never met her,” Master P continued. “Don’t know who she is….just to have somebody use your name and don’t even know you, it’s not even fair.”

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