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The campus of George Washington University in Washington, D.C. is abuzz with tension after a white sorority member’s racist Snapchat video made rounds on social media. The school has addressed the matter and the Black Student Union organized a collective effort to voice concerns.

The video from the unnamed white student was posted Wednesday (Jan. 31) which featured another white student with one of the women holding a banana and writing in the caption, “I’m 1/16 Black.” It swiftly got the attention of the student body, and the union took to Instagram to voice their concerns and an open mic event.

“A shame we have to start Black History Month off with racially insensitive content posted by members of our community here at GW. Unfortunately, racially charged incidents including bananas and Black students continue to arise at college campuses across the country,” the caption read, announcing the open mic event.

GWU Provost Forrest Maltzman issued a statement which reads in part, “Unfortunately, we have heard and read about too many instances of racist language and imagery on college campuses. They reflect the need for an ongoing discourse about race. Universities are special places that thrive because of the diverse perspectives and background of those who study, teach, research and work on those campuses.”

The school says it has been in contact with the national offices of Alpha Psi and with students who are dealing with the fallout of the image.

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