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Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images for BET

Wale is definitely still MMG. The DC MC recently spoke to Meek Mill and confirmed their brotherhood is still intact.

In the midst of the ongoing battle to free the Philadelphia MC, his label mate shared that the two spoke and detailed a rich history of their bond that goes deeper than the music.

“Spoke to my dawg for grip Yesterday … it’s funny how nobody knows how close we are or what we been through. It’s really deeper than rap.” He went on to clarify that they have moved past their prior issues. “We look back and laugh at the dumb shyt and we welcome the endless possibilities of our future with open arms” he elaborated.

Even though the legal system has the Dreamchaser CEO in a bad spot, Folarin shares that both have found positives in this unfortunate situation. “The silver lining in this fucked up situation is the clarity and wisdom he has gained. The silver lining for me is realizing what(or who) is real. I the end there barely is a silver lining in such an unjust situation but the conversation we’ve been having have inspired me on levels I deemed unattainable at one point.”

Over the years the two lyricists have not always seen eye to eye. Back in 2014 Meek took to Twitter when Wale failed to tweet or post about his album. Then in 2015 he claimed Wale wasn’t MMG when he inadvertently said Drake had the better diss record.

You can read the heartfelt message in its entirety below.