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Nicki Minaj has been in the hot seat for the last week. Her controversy with Cardi B and Quavo took headlines by storm, but now positive praise is coming her way. After several new releases, fans, critics and commentators are starting to show favor for her single “Chun-Li.” This single was released with “Barbie Tingz” and accompanied by a vertical music video.

Nicki took to Instagram to show her appreciation for all the love coming her way. Funk Flex dropped bombs on “Chun-Li,” and  Peter Rosenberg referred to the New York superstar as “Queen” while Joe Budden has claimed the record is hard. Overall, Nicki Minaj seems to be happiest about New York figureheads celebrating New York Hip-Hop.

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Wait hold on. Yo did hell freeze over? 🤭 wait 🤔🤣😂 I wasn’t in NY so idk if this rlly happened. This COULD be a fake video. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Were bombs dropped on #ChunLi? Did Flex say this record #HARD????? Did Joe say this record #HARD? Did Rosenberg say #QUEEN????? Man, all I’ll say is THANK YOU. Takes real niggaz to do this. I don’t mind criticism, but hating on smthn that’s clearly hard AF will only make you look less credible, miserable, & prove your issues are PERSONAL & unwarranted. So respect to everyone showin love. I haven’t asked anyone to promote my music. Haven’t buttered anyone up behind the scenes, haven’t booked their show, reached out, NOTHING! I simply dropped music & hoped that the REAL ones (even ppl who’ve said negative things in the past) would acknowledge & give credit when/where it’s due. I wrote #BarbieTingz AND #ChungLi verses & HOOKS on BOTH; but I’m most proud that as a young black female rapper, I signed a producer and CO-Produced #BarbieTingz WITH him. S/O @jreidtheproducer. I do a lot of co producing & post production but that overall picture isn’t usually painted of me as an artist; so Id be lying if I said this doesn’t feel great. Check out these 3 videos & click the link in my bio

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Her lengthy response on Instagram captures all her excitement. The Barbie Queen has been back in full effect and seems inspired to not let up anytime soon. Stay tuned for more material to come from Nicki Minaj.

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