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'Get Out' Q&A With Jordan Peele

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Kanye West‘s tweets that he shared on Wednesday were extraordinarily problematic and honestly pathetic. BUT, during his tweetstorm, he might have inspired Jordan Peele and got us the sequel we so desperately want a bit sooner.

Kanye seems to be enjoying his stay in the Sunken Place very well. He even made of light of the situation when the shared some photos of the home he shares with his wife Kim Kardashian with the captions “do this look like the sunken place” and “more tweets from the sunken place.”

To be quite honest with Trump admirer yes it most certainly does look like a posh variation of the place which black people lost themselves in. Mr. West’s tweets not only earned him a well-deserved dragging across all forms of social media and the internet but they also may have inspired Academy Award-winning Director, Jordan Peele to pick up his pen and get started on his award-winning film Get Out.

Peele jokingly or possibly earnestly replied to Koonye’s tweets “Gets inspired, starts writing ‘Get Out 2’ which definitely raised his follower’s levels of anxiousness for the sequel.

Kanye hasn’t yet taken any credit for being an inspiration to Peele, but there is still time for him to hop on his phone and do so. Who knows maybe Peele will cast Ye for the film or revolve the story around him. We wouldn’t be mad at that revelation at all honestly. Make no mistake he is still canceled here until further notice.

Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty