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Much to the surprise of many, Pusha T kicked off the week by dropping a scathing Drake diss track which revealed that the 6 God fathered a secret child with ex-porn star, Sophie Brussaux. After the initial shock of the news settled in fans began to question “Who blessed Pusha T with that Drake dossier?”

Mind you, Pusha said “We just gon’ peel it back layer by layer.” What else does he know?!

While rumors that Christopher Steele was the source were farfetched and hilarious, Black Sports Online ended up pointing a finger at A$AP Rocky as he was seeing Sophie even while she was cooking up Drake’s bun in her oven. A source told Black Sports Online that “Everyone knew that she thought Drake was the father, but ASAP confirmed it as 100% true to Pusha T who decided to use that information in his song. Sophie is a known groupie and former escort. She married a man for a green card and still is technically married. Drake unfortunately picked the wrong one to not use protection with, she thinks she hit the lottery with him.”

Damnit, Drake!

Naturally the rumor found its way to Flacko who took to Twitter to air out the bogus information saying “GET OFF MY D*CK KEEP MY NAME OUT DAT GOSSIP BLOG SH*T.”

We can’t blame Rocky for having vehemently denied the accusation, but these are the kin of troubles that come with being part of only a handful of people who know top secret information. Had Drake been down with Vladimir Putin, A$AP’s life might’ve been in danger.

But until Pusha Tea decides to reveal his source fans will only continue to guess who the culprit was and why said person isn’t helping Robert Mueller obtain more incriminating evidence on Donald Trump.


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