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While Donald Trump can be as blatantly racist as he wants to be without any real repercussions, his base seem to forget that they in turn cannot.

According to Raw Story up to fourteen staff members of a primary school in Idaho were suspended for choosing to dress up as Trump’s proposed border wall and Mexicans for Halloween.

After pictures of the dressed up staff were posted on the school district’s Facebook page, members of the community including parents and civil rights groups were quick to call them out for their racially charged racist costumes.

One photo showed seven staff from the Middleton Heights Elementary School dressed as characters, including the Statue of Liberty and an American eagle, holding a cardboard wall with “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” on it. Another showed staff shaking maracas and wearing sombreros, ponchos and fake mustaches.

We can only imagine how many f’s were not given when these school staffers heard about Trump’s family separation tactics that left thousands of families at the border mentally and emotionally scarred for life.

At a meeting of the Middleton School District board this past Saturday (Nov. 3) it was decided that suspensions would be handed down to the offenders in question while a member of the crisis team would temporarily take over as school principal.

“We are better than this. We embrace all students,” Middleton said in a Facebook Live video posted on Friday in which he apologized for the costumes. “We have a responsibility to teach and reach all students, period.”

The costumes were part of an after-school “team-building activity” among the teachers, who were competing to come up with the most stereotypical outfits, board Chairman Tim Winkle told the Idaho Press, adding that this did not justify the actions.

Let this serve as another reminder that tomorrow’s midterm elections is deeper than what political party you claim, it’s about what kind of morality you want to live by for the foreseeable future. Get out and vote, y’all.

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