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Sony Says Don't Expect The PlayStation 5 Till May 2020

Source: THOMAS SAMSON / Getty

Sony surprised the video game world when it revealed details on its next-generation console PlayStation 5. Now it’s being reported during an earnings call the expected released date for PS5 has been revealed, and it’s still some ways away.

Sony is playing it really safe when it comes to any details about the PS5. A recent earnings report revealed once again the console is in the works by stating an “increase in development expensed for the next generation console.” But tech reporter Takahishi Mochizuki who transcribed a recent earnings call revealed the tech company’s next console won’t be arriving till next year May.

Per Games Radar:

“According to tech reporter Takahishi Mochizuki, who transcribed the conversation that took place during the call itself, Sony stated that there would be “no next-gen PlayStation launch over [the] next 12 months.” That means that we won’t be seeing the release of the PS5 until May 2020 at the earliest, and even that’s an optimistic prediction.”

PlayStation could be just trying to keep up with all the recent announcements of new consoles. Microsoft just recently unveiled its “All-Digital” edition Xbox One while not revealing any information about its Xbox Project Scarlett console. That could all change in June at E3 2019 where many expect Microsoft to pull the lid off its next-generation console alongside new games. Nintendo is also reportedly coming out with two new Switch models and let’s not forget Google’s new streaming service Stadia.

Kotaku’s  Jason Schreier suggests that Sony was just trying to get ahead of any leaks which a totally logical move on the company’s part.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is definitely for sure the PlayStation 4 life cycle will carry on so if you just purchased on don’t worry Sony isn’t moving on from it no time soon. We do expect more details to slowly drip out about PlayStation 5 the closer we get to E3 2019.