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As much as Hip-Hop fans thrive on beef it is always good to see artists peace it out. Common recently explained how he and Drake manned up after their brief sparring match.

As spotted on Complex the Chicago MC paid a visit to Big Boy’s Neighborhood show. While discussing his newly penned book Let Love Have The Last Word the subject of his 2011 spat with Drizzy was discussed. While it was clear from jump that their respective infatuation with the queen Serena Williams led to the back and forth, Lonny admitted things got very serious. “When we had that beef, that beef was for real for me. It was real for him” he explained.

He proceeded to reveal how they eventually agreed to settle the air and move on. “We saw each other at the [2012] Grammys and it was like a little tension, and then it was just like a real honest talk that we had about like his respect for me. I was letting him know I thought he was a really dope and talented artist and we just squashed it then.”

To hear Common tell it Champagne Papi left his pride and ego at home. “So I got to give like him a lot of respect ‘cause he handled that like a grown man should. He looked me in my eye and told me, ‘Look, I really respect your music.’ I felt bad when he was dissing me.”

You can view the interview in its entirety below with the Drake talk starting at the 20:00 mark.

Photo: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images