Ice Cube Directs L.A. Raider Documentary For ESPN


The same man that said the infamous line, “Stop giving juice to the Raiders…cause Al Davis ain’t never paid us” on “Wrong Ni**a To F&%k With” is doing just that.

Ice Cube is giving juice to the Raiders and directing a one hour long ESPN documentary on his former foes. As previously reported by Hip-Hop Wired, Compton’s finest was given the reins on a new project for ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series to commemorate the network’s 30th anniversary.

Cube is putting the finishing touches on the documentary highlighting the Raiders’ influence on California culture and their paramount move from Oakland to L.A. in the 80s titled, “Straight Outta L.A.”

Cube reflected on how the success of his solo career and success with legendary gangster rap group, N.W.A., brought the Raiders to the forefront of popularity in a statement from ESPN saying:

“The music, lyrics and images that I created with N.W.A, as a solo artist and as an actor helped turn the Raiders into something more than a football team. It’s been 21 years since we released Straight Outta Compton, but to this day, kids all over the world buy Raiders gear, imitate the “Gangster Rap” style and try to connect with the South Central L.A. vibe that we brought to the masses.”

There is no set date for the premiere of “Straight Outta of L.A.” as of yet. Other directors chosen for the series include Peter Berg, Reggie Rock Blythewood, John Singleton, Morgan Freeman and Steve James.