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FOX News commentator Bill O’Reilly is back in headlines, this time for speaking out against Common and his recent visit to The White House.

As previously reported Sarah Palin and right wing conservative Tucker Carlson questioned the White House’s decision to bring the rapper to the White House because of his “anti-Bush” and “vile” violent lyrics.

Since then Jon Stewart spoke out to defend Common and released a poetry slam aimed at FOX News and the rappers criticizers.

“For the guy from The GAP ads? The guy from the Queen Latifah ‘rom com’? Elmo’s friend? That’s your misogynistic, ‘copicidal,’ Black supremacist?”

Bill O’Reilly obviously got word of Stewart’s slam and took to his “The O’Reilly Factor” show May 12th to comment.

“I would like to debate you about the Common situation,” Bill O’Reilly said.

It’s important. This is far beyond dopey lyrics and dopey presentation. What we do care about is the President of the United States understanding that there are elements in this country who are subversive. Imagine the mothers of the slain police officer’s thinking, when they see a guy like Common in the White House.”

No word on if Jon Stewart plans to accept the challenge.


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