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Beyoncé has once again broken the internet.

After revealing that she was gracing the cover of the December issue of British Vogue, the 39-year old mother of three dropped a few images, taken by 21-year old photographer Kennedi Carter, proving that we still aren’t ready for her jelly.

For one of the spread photographs, Beyoncé opted for a breathtaking backless red gown that plunged down all the way down. Posing turned away from the camera, Beyonce highlighted her toned physique with a bunch of silver chains, including one that served as a G-string.

Although the jaw-dropping images alone kept fans captivated, Beyoncé’s candid and real revelations served as the cherry on top as fans learned new and relatable things about the icon, including her inability to not only keep her phone charged on the regular but also keeping track of it while on the go.

“I’m always losing my phone in my house or office, and I never know where my keys are,” she said.”My phone is always dead. I get days and dates confused all the time but guaranteed, I’ll remember every detail of a conversation, what you were wearing, or how your hair was styled. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

In addition to revealing her problem with misplacing objects, the Black is King songstress also revealed what she has learned about herself during the pandemic, noting that the timeout has helped her focus on being a better listener with her children.

“I have become a better listener. Blue is very smart, and she is aware that there is a shift, but it is my job as a parent to do my best to keep her world as positive and safe as can be for an eight-year-old,” Beyoncé said. “I never underestimate their thoughts and feelings, and I check in with them to understand how this is affecting them.”

In regards to how she’s helping her children cope with everything going on in the world, Bey adds that she “loves them harder” before adding she also lets them know they have the ability to “change the world.”

“My best advice is to love them harder than ever. I let my children know that they are never too young to contribute to changing the world,” Beyoncé said.

Beyonce also set fans buzzing after she revealed that not only is she the leader of her loyal Beyhive fan base, but she also houses real bees at home in her backyard as well.

“I know it’s random, but I have two beehives. Real ones,” the “Formation” singer told British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful after she was asked to reveal a surprising fact about herself. “I’ve had them at my house for a while now.”

Adding that she has “80,000 bees” that she and her family use to “make hundreds of jars of honey a year,” Beyoncé noted that she also uses the honey created by the flying insect’s to help out her two daughters — Blue Ivy and Rumi, who both suffer from allergies.

“I started the beehives because my daughters, Blue and Rumi, both have terrible allergies, and honey has countless healing properties,” she said.

Check out some of the images from the iconic shoot below and read the full interview here.