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TCL & LG Showoff "Rollable" Smartphones Day 1 of #CES2021

Source: TCL / CES TCL

Day one of CES’s first-ever virtual showcase due to COVID-19  is in the books, and TCL and LG helped kicked the event off with some bold smartphone designs.

Samsung has already grabbed the foldable phone market by the horns with its latest smartphone designs and is looking to bring more affordable designs this year. TCL and LG are looking to make waves with another innovative design. Today during its virtual presentation, TCL showed a new “rolling” smartphone.

CES TCL Rollable Devices

Source: TCL / CES TCL

In its compact normal state, the phone is 6.7-inches. With the tap of a finger incredibly, its AMOLED rollable display extends to 7.8 inches thanks to the device’s top extending upwards. If you want to compare it to any current tech out, you can liken it to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, just minus the folding.

That’s not all TCL showed off. Taking a page out of Minority Report, the company also showed off a rollable tablet-like device. In the video, a man is seen with a device that unfurled like a scroll. Now, the device shown in the video was clearly CGI. Still, TCL might be onto something with this technology that could “widely applied on flexible TVs, curved and foldable displays as well as transparent commercial display screens,” according to TCL’s innovation head Tiago Abreu.

CES TCL Rollable Devices

Source: TCL / CES TCL

The company said that it planned on releasing a phone with a”flexible” display in 2021. No confirmation if TCL was talking about its “rollable” smartphone designs.

TCL is not the only company to show off a “rollable” smartphone. LG has one on deck as well. During its virtual press conference, the tech company showed off the LG Rollable. Like TCL’s smartphone, the phone extended its screen magically. The only difference it did so while the user was holding it in landscape mode.

LG didn’t speak about the phone during the presentation, but CNET reports that sources close to the company say it will be released sometime later this year.

So what do you think? Are you intrigued by the idea of the “rollable” smartphone?  We definitely are intrigued.

Photo: TCL/ LG

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