Chris Brown Vs The Dream

In an interview with Billboard Dream revealed he has beef with the teen crooner over comments Brown made regarding his hit song “Bed.”

“The track was considered for Chris Brown — he thought it was his — but it was my record and I decided to give it up to J. Holiday,” The-Dream explained to “Chris said the record won’t be No. 1 unless he’s on it. I bet someone $500,000 that it would go to No. 1 and I collected my money just last week.”

“He has a track from me now that I was paid for already and I want to give him his money back. At the end of the day, I’m big on principle and loyalty. Put that to bed.”

Winner: Dream

Although we know Chris would probably squash the Hamburgler in a brawl, the fact that you don’t get to work with one of the biggest and most successful pop writers of this era is a loss all over

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