Usher Vs Ne-Yo

While doing a promo interview for his album in the UK, Ne-Yo was asked what he thought of his peers.  Speaking on Usher he said,

“You can’t put out top quality grade A and then gimme B’s and C’s after that, I can’t accept it. The Raymond vs. Raymond album isn’t a bad album but it’s not ‘Confessions’. So even though I may like some of the stuff that is going on right now, it’s not ‘Confessions”

However, Ne-Yo was quick to distinguish the spark before it can grow by saying,

“Again, I don’t want nobody to think I got beef with Usher,” he says. “If I don’t like something personally, I’m gonna say that; I have no beef with Usher.”

Winner: Usher

After a 2 hour pathetic scratch match between the two, we think Usher and his chest of armor would finally come out victorious.

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