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Money Mitch

Source: @moneymitch223_/ / Instagram

Yet another up and coming Hip-Hop star has passed away due to gun violence as Florida rap star Money Mitch reportedly took his own life last month after getting into a shootout with police.

According to the Mirror, police discovered the body of Money Mitch, real name Mitchell Holmes, in his Lake Park apartment this past June 23 shortly after he fired his gun at police during a routine traffic stop. Apparently, the “Charged Up” rapper was riding in an Uber when police pulled over the driver only for Mitch to come out the car blasting at Palm Beach County police officers. Exchanging gunfire with deputies, MM dipped into a building a block away before police eventually found his lifeless body.

Initially, police believed he died from the shootout, but learned that he had actually turned his own gun on himself.

Deputy Chief Frank DeMario of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office stated that they had been surveilling Mitch for suspected murder, and also had probable cause for drugs before they pulled over the Uber.

“I don’t know how many rounds were fired, six or seven but he did it in several different locations.

“We followed him up to a building and on the second floor, we noticed some blood droppings on the first floor. We thought he was wounded.

“When we got up there he had committed suicide so we didn’t have any involvement in far as shooting him.”

A probe into the shooting is ongoing and the two officers involved have been placed on leave for the time being. Money Mitch’s family has yet to release a statement on the tragedy as we can only imagine they’re still processing their new reality.