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Raven-Symone’s trollistic ways have been rubbing everyone the wrong way and Angel Haze is not ashamed to admit she is one of them. The Detroit native recently appeared on HuffPost Live to promote her latest project Back to the Woods, but also used the time to air out her grievances for the ridiculous View co-host.

Former XXL Freshman Angel Haze made sure few would forget her name when she took the matter of her debut album, Dirty Gold into her own hands.

Major record labels have seen their approval rating bounce back since their late 00s down slide, but one should never underestimate the gall of a rapper.

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Openly bisexual rapper Angel Haze now offers answers to those still debating the nature of her relationship with fashion model Ireland Baldwin.

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If Twitter rants from female rappers unhappy with their label situations is to become a thing of normalcy, all leading ladies behind the microphone can kiss their hopes of equal representation within the male-driven industry au revoir.