While the internet remains undefeated some folks need to learn respect and common courtesy. Cardi B has locked her daughter’s Instagram page after finding some very offensive responses in the comments section.

Last week bloggers got a reminder that you can’t talk reckless about celebrities without receipts. Tasha K has finally spoken up after being found guilty of defaming and slandering Cardi B. 

Even though she is an international superstar Cardi B still has her borough in heart. She will be covering the funeral expenses for the families affected by the recent fire in The Bronx.

Cardi B appears to have solved the age-old question: What do you get the man who has everything? Apparently, the answer is two million bucks.

Cardi B is not here for the blatant Lil Kim disrespect she is witnessing on social media.

Fans hoping to bring Cardi B home with them for the holidays will have to update their holiday wish list. Her line of dolls have been scrapped due to production issues and quality concerns.

Cardi B has added yet another notch to her already star studded belt. She is the female rapper to have multiple songs go diamond which is a pretty big deal.

Halle Berry found herself in the crosshairs of the Barbz after a comment she made.

Earlier this week while on social media, the “Up” artist took a moment to address critics who had something to say, utilizing the tongue-out emoji before adding that some people “wanna see a bad b—ch do bad.”

Cardi B continues to live her very best life. For her birthday Offset gifted her a mansion in the Dominican Republic.

It’s a cold world and but the internet truly has no heart. Cardi B checked folks who showed no sympathy for an Instagram model’s passing.