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One of the most anticipated podcast appearances is now on hold. Sources say Dave Chappelle has asked that his Drink Champs episode with Black Star be shelved.

Another rapper who was thought to be living righteous has been apparently doing way too much. One of the biggest social media brands has sat Talib Kweli down.

On Sunday (Aug 2), Jaguar Wright took to Instagram live to address the disrespect she alleges that she faced at the hands of Common. During the live, Wright alleges that Common sexually assaulted her while the two were allegedly dating. According to the songstress, the two were in bed after a show and Common asked for sex, which she declined.

A reunion that has been years in the making looks like it is finally going to happen. Mos Def and Talib Kweli have confirmed a joint project is definitely on the way.

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Prior to becoming Kanye “MAGA” West before our very eyes, Donda’s baby boy was very much considered Kanye “Woke” West and kept himself in the presence of company that seemed to help give that notion credit. Company like Common, Mos Def, and of course, Talib Kweli.

As many on Twitter already know, Talib Kweli always has time to address an issue drawn against him. When his former music partner Res issued a claim of sexual harassment, the Brooklyn rapper had the receipts to show the case had no merit.

Talib Kweli saw himself front and center of a potential “#MeToo” moment when his former musical partner Res accused him of withholding her music due to her denying his sexual advances. The Brooklyn rapper has denied such claims and inner conflict between the pair spilled out onto Twitter.

Talib Kweli has never been shy about voicing his love for the people and standing on the right side of justice. The Brooklyn veteran MC took his hard stances usually reserved for Twitter trolls and canceled a performance after learning the venue booked a reportedly racist metal band.

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And just like that Talib Kweli has stepped out of the shadows and caught everyone sleeping with his latest LP Radio Silence. It’s been two years since the Brooklyn MC dropped his last album, F*ck The Money.

Talib Kweli has managed to get the ever elusive Jay Electronica to get back on the microphone for his new "All Of Us" track.

By now the whole Hip-Hop world has gotten familiar with Eminem’s scolding takedown of the Conman-In-Chief Donald Trump. So much so that news outlets have been reporting on the ether that Marshall Mathers doused on the dolt currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.