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Pusha T on Joe Budden Podcast

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Pusha T was feeling a ways about Drake’s dramatic take on their beef while on LeBron’s HBO series The Shop. SO the G.O.O.D. Music rapper and exec took his tea over to the Joe Budden Podcast, and it was scorching. 

“I really don’t know where it started at,” said Push of his beef with the 6 God, and it honestly doesn’t even matter anymore.

The Virginia rapper was candid about his issues with Drake, his relationship with Kanye, what he picked up from Pharrell and the Neptunes and much more.

“It’s always been competitive with me. It ain’t never personal, it’s always rap sh*t,” says Push. Peep 10, or so, things we learned from Push A Ton on the Joe Budden Podcast in the following pages.


1. Condescension

Pusha T explained that he chose to speak to the Joe Budden Podcast because they are condescending and not politically. Basically, he considers them a lie detector test. True.

2. It Was 40, Not Kanye

Noah “40” Shebib and Drizzy gotta talk. Says Pusha, “The information came from 40, it didn’t come from Kanye, at all. 40 is sleeping with a woman…he talks to her daily, 5, 6 hours a day. Provides opportunity for her. Ultimately speaks about how he’s disgruntled about certain things, notoriety and things involved Drake and his career so on and so forth.”

Oh, there’s more. “With that also came the fact that Drake has a child. With that also came the trip that everybody took to go see the child and bring him gifts and all of this information.  She divulged this information. That’s where it came from.”


3. Not All G.O.O.D.

Pusha T says he’s been “disgruntled” [with Kanye? G.O.O.D. Music) for a while. He referred to the “When the CEO’s blinded by the glow, it’s different” line on “Infrared” from Daytona. Oh.

4. Maverick Carter Slander

Push thinks Maverick was doing too much on HBO’s The Shop—specifically, taking a side while discussing the Pusha vs. Drake beef.

5. Apologize For What?

Yeezy apologizing didn’t help with the false “narrative” that he is who dimed Drake out. Says, Push, “What are you apologizing about? You shouldn’t have done that.”

6. W’s

The infamous artwork. J. Prince. Shots at Kanye. Sitting with LeBron and Maverick months later. The adidas line not coming out. Pusha says these are all W’s for him.

“We’re not going to play with that. That alone is enough for me. You gotta know what you playing with. He is the biggest Pop star in the game.”

7. $100K for Intel

Pusha believes Drake was offering $100K for dirt on him. He says he even has some of the recorded convos that people who were contacted shared with him.

8. Rules?

Push believes there are no rules in rap battles. He also maintained that Drake mentioning his now wife in song only put the battery in his back. “$100,000 ain’t enough,” spit Push. Also, he knows a woman who worked with him named “Cap” was the one fishing for info. He even reached out to her husband. Damn! And yes, Budden played audio of the dirt digging (the 100:45 mark on the audio).

Also, he added, “Yeah, there is a rule, write your raps. You gotta do that, too.”

9. Rush Job

Pusha admits that G.O.O.D. Musics summer projects were rushed, save for his own album, Daytona. He did want it to be longer than seven songs, though. He maintained that he remains highly involved in his album roll outs because he doesn’t trust anyone else to handle them.

10. Always G.O.O.D.

Come for anyone in G.O.O.D. Music, Push is coming for you. This sentiment was littered throughout the interview. “I don’t play neutral, I don’t do that. You don’t get to shoot my homeboys, it’s not happening,” said Push. As well as, “I’m about G.O.O.D. I’m about G.O.O.D. and I’m about my pride, period.” Or, “Me being on a team, I think everything personal.”

11. El Presidente

“He felt I would bring more order to the situation,” said Push when asked about how he got his President of G.O.O.D. Music gig.

Push was also unaware of Drake wanting drop in June (part of his issue with Kanye).
However, “Let’s like act like it did, it means nothing,” said Push. “You don’t own f*cking June. The f*ck man. N*ggas can’t own f*cking months out here. What the f*ck that mean! That was so dumb to me.”

12. MAGA Kanye West

MAGA Kanye West

Pusha T def does not agree with Yeezy’s love of Trump. “His political views [are] not an end all be all with us.”

13. Street Principles

Push says he takes street principles all the way out of the music industry. It’s just different.

14. Arby’s, We Have The Meats

Pusha T revealed that 40% of that Arby’s jingle is his. BRUH!!!