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NFL: Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl LVIII will take place in just under two weeks after the conclusion of the AFC and NFC championship games this weekend. The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against one another for Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, but some fans online are suggesting this was a matchup planned by the NFL all along.

During the AFC championship, the Chiefs, with stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, were visiting the Baltimore Ravens’ home field where it was thought that NFL MVP candidate Lamar Jackson would lead his team to victory. With a series of penalties, miscues, and the like, the Chiefs’ defense proved to be too much and their experience shined through.

For the NFC championship, the Detroit Lions appeared to be running away with the whole thing in the first half as Jared Goff shredded the 49ers’ secondary. However, it all came apart in the second half as Brock Purdy and the rest of the offense began to heat up with the Lions unable to answer the bell.

For many, this wasn’t the desired outcome as the Lions had a feel-good story about a franchise that has long been frozen out of competing for a Super Bowl title, while the Ravens, behind the talents of Jackson, hoped to bring the title home for Charm City once more.

As it stands, some fans online are suggesting that the 49ers-Chiefs lineup is a desired outcome ratings-wise, pointing to the Chiefs’ Kelce and the hype around his relationship with Taylor Swift as a marketing boost while the 49ers are one of the marquee teams in the league with Purdy, Christian McCaffrey, and Christian McCaffrey leading the offense. We’ve got those reactions below.

Super Bowl LVIII takes place on Feb. 11.

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