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Ari Fletcher caught the ire of some fans on Twitter after she allegedly posted the number of Taina Williams. This comes after G Herbo called off his engagement to Williams and fans online have questions about where the Chicago rapper is in all of this back and forth.

From what we can gather online, Ari Fletcher apparently posted then deleted a number said to be connected to Williams’ but it initially wasn’t confirmed. However, Fletcher, the mother of Herbo’s young son, explained that she did so because Fletcher wouldn’t answer the phone while her son visited with his father, thus sparking her to put the number on blast.

“My child was left in her care and she took my son outside somewhere and I called to talk to my son she had my number blocked and told herb mama I can’t have her number and to take it up with herb. If I can’t have a contact on who has my son because you don’t like me then you shouldn’t have my son. So now everybody got your number. Cause find somebody else to play with,” Fletcher wrote.

Continuing her Twitter replies to the criticism, Fletcher added, “His dad left town and I didn’t even know so my baby was left with her which isn’t a problem but at least let me have a contact so I can check on my baby. That’s crazy.”

Williams and Herbo have yet to respond but that does beg the question about the status of their relationship. It was reported over a week ago that Herbo and Williams ended their engagement and declared himself single.

The pair are parents to two children.

On Twitter, the discussion over Ari Fletcher airing out Taina Williams’ number is going strong. Read the reactions below.

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