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Ceaser Is Not Happy About Rok & Krystal Opening A Tattoo Shop

Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

This week on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser’s artists are branching out, and the tattoo shop mogul is not feeling Rok and Krystal’s latest moves. Spyder opens a pop-up shop for his new clothing brand, and Tatti is serious about tattooing people.

Spyder Wants To Be Fashion Mogul

The loudest mouth in the shop, Spyder, has dreams outside of being the lead tattoo artist at Black Ink. He also wants to be a fashion mogul and hopes his fashion line, Branded Content, helps him accomplish that dream.

During his confessional, Spyder reveals more about his Trinidadian roots, how his father was one of the biggest tailors back home, and how that fuels his passion for getting into the fashion world.

The usually boisterous tattoo artist gets emotional as he talks about his late father and lets the tears flow. He wants to make his dad proud.

It’s the day of the pop-up shop, and Spyder is stressing because he is light on merchandise, and the foot traffic is looking light.

Thankfully, Spyder’s crew shows up with more clothes just in time as shoppers, who are not his coworkers, show up to check out the brand.

Tatti Is Serious About Being A Tattoo Artist, and Young Bae Has To Ring Her In

Yup, Tatti is still serious about becoming a tattoo artist and even went to show her mentor Young Bae her latest work.

Being a seasoned tattoo artist, Bae is not too happy to see that Tatti is out here practicing her still very young tattoo skills on an actual person.

Young Bae decides to put Tatti through the wringer she went through before becoming a tattoo artist, like drawing straight lines and practicing drawing tattoo ideas and transferring them onto pig skin.

Tatti is not feeling all of the things Bae is making her do, but she understands this is something she has to do if she wants to become a tattoo artist and eventually team up with Ceaser to open and manage a Black Ink location.

Rok Is Ready To Make Babies With Krystal

The couple nobody cares about, Rok and Krystal, are still going strong. They opened a tattoo shop together and now live with each other.

While that sounds good, Krystal feels like Rok is smothering her, but at the same time, she still loves her man. Rok feels it’s time the couple take the “next step” and start having children.

Rok is skipping the marriage step because Krystal didn’t care when he popped the question the first time, but now he wants children.

He tries to express that idea during an intimate dinner. After he says his desire to make Krystal his baby momma, she gives him back the promise ring he gave her and tells him to think about what he wants.

Rok then gets on one knee and pops the question again, but we don’t know if Krystal says yes, leaving us with a cliffhanger.

Ceaser Doesn’t Think Rok & Krystal Are Committed To Black Ink

We’re noticing Ceaser’s screen time on the show is dwindling due to his scandal, so he meets up with Teddy and Puma in his only scene in the episode.

Puma reveals that Quani is currently trying to figure out what she wants to do in life, but at the same time, he’s hopeful about parenting his son, who is on the spectrum for autism.

Teddy tells Puma and Ceaser about seeing his brother and how it makes him want to reconnect with his father.

When it’s Ceaser’s time to talk, he tells Puma and Teddy that he is not feeling Rok and Krystal opening up their tattoo shop. Ceaser believes this puts them in competition with him, and he questions their commitment to the Black Ink brand.

Of course, viewers have thoughts about the episode. You can see the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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