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The company behind Cup Noodles is releasing a new microwavable version – which has left many people reacting on social media with confusion, believing that they always were.
On October 26, the company behind the popular Cup Noodles (or “Cup of Noodles”) issued a press release proclaiming that they would be introducing a new paper-cup design that would not only be environmentally friendly but microwavable for the first time since the comfort food of Japanese ramen noodles was first introduced to the United States in 1973.

The news caught many off-guard, expressing surprise that the Cup Noodles weren’t always able to be prepared in the microwave. The truth is, the instructions on the packaging explicitly say that to prepare the dish, you need to boil water, and once it’s very hot, pour it into the cup and stir then let it sit for five minutes before it’s cooked. The Cup Noodles packaging also says no microwaving because the cup is made of polystyrene, which when exposed to high temperatures can melt or leech harmful chemicals into your food. The new packaging will be made of 40% recycled fiber, with a sleeve of 100% recycled paper.

“While Cup Noodles will continue to have that same satisfying taste and iconic look,” Nissin Foods USA President and CEO Price said in the release, “we continue to find ways to evolve the brand to support the current needs of our consumers, the environment, and the world. This updated packaging and the new paper cup marks an important milestone for Cup Noodles and a key step in our environmental commitment.” The revamp allows consumers to cook the Cup Noodles in the microwave for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The change would be for all of Cup Noodles’ flavors including its chicken, beef, curry, vegetable, and spicy ones.

Social media users, particularly those on X formerly known as Twitter, expressed their shock and in some cases, offered up a denial of the news. (They’re not alone – a recent live poll conducted by Today showed that 56% of Americans believe that you can still microwave it.) Others took the opportunity to poke fun at those who had been putting their Cup Noodles in the microwave all these years. 

We’ve assembled a selection of the best responses below.

1. EFCY quetzali

This X user summed up the reaction of many, utilizing a confused Doberman to bring the point home.

2. Tay Da Don

3. King Brown Cow

4. AutoBrzy

The content creator asked the unspoken question, “so people have been eating cancer this whole time?”

5. YourManAdrian

This X user pointed out the clear guidelines on the packaging that have always been there.

6. Justin Harris

7. _Xins

This X user took a shot at themselves with an explosive meme.

8. Rembert Designs

9. Staqs