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Black Ink Crew’s seventh season came to a close with the Ceaser and his crew looking to squash any beef they had with each other through season. Sky even goes out her to way to end the issues between her boss and his ex-fiancée Dutchess.

Picking up from last week, Ceaser made amends with his arch-nemesis Puma, and now that just leaves Alex and his girlfriend, Donna. The episode picks up with Sky setting them on the road to forgiveness. Ceaser who isn’t known for saying sorry went out of his way to apologize to put an end to the beef that almost lasted an entire year.

Alex looks like he was on the verge of accepting Ceaser’s apology until Donna opened her mouth insisting her boyfriend mention the time they went to a coat store. Alex reluctantly brings up a visit to the store where the owner allegedly told them per Ceaser’s request not to mess with them anymore and not give any free coats. Sky does her best to keep Donna quiet but fails miserably, and the situation falls apart due to them beefing over free leather jackets.

Welp. The Black Ink Crew apology tour continued with Ted and Tati. After her public blow up, Ted finally got brave and spoke to his “wife” and apologized for his behavior and the bad optics of hanging out Krystal. The two agree to work with each other they are going to have to get over their problems and decide to put their issues to the side to for the sake of peace in the workplace. Plus her behavior towards everyone else was getting out of control, so something had to be done.

Moving on, Tati took the positive energy she received from her now ex and decided to apologize to Krystal. She has been throwing unnecessary shade at her hiree because she felt Ted basically kicker her to curb for the attractive tattoo artist despite that not being the case at all. After listening to what Tati had to say Krystal made sure to remind Tati of her nonsense before she accepted the apology.

With all of the crew slowly getting back to good terms with each other, Sky tries one more time to repair the fractured relationship between Ceaser and his former employees. She invites Sky and Donna to the house for a party she is throwing, and they are both reluctant, of course, being that they know Ceaser will be there. Somehow Sky convinces Donna to show up but you can clearly tell Alex isn’t really with the idea, but he hasn’t learned his lesson and still continues to follow Donna’s lead.

Once they arrive at the party, Donna is shocked to see Puma is there and even more upset to learn her new boss is now all buddy buddy with Ceaser now putting a huge dent in her plans to get back at her former employer. Ceaser decides to try his hand at apologizing to the couple again, Alex who at this point is tired of beefing accepts his mentors apology much to the dismay of Donna. She eventually comes around as well but makes sure to let Ceaser know that she still doesn’t like his ass.

There was definitely a lot of love in the air but apparently not enough to for Tokie and Tati to get over their issues. The new receptionist was caught off guard when she learned that Krystal and Tati buried whatever problems they had with each other. She felt that Krystal should have let her know, being that she was one of the people that sided with her in the first place. Tati is trying to keep calm and keep that good energy, but Tokie isn’t here for it and airs out Black Ink’s VP. Tati eventually decides to act and throws a drink on Tokie, the two are separated before things get out of hand, but the receptionist is over it and decides to quit.

Before the episode closed, Sky has one more surprise for her brother Ceaser. She tells him that she invited Dutchess to come and if you know your Black Ink Crew history, you are well aware of the history between the former couple. Ceaser is definitely not on board with Dutchess coming, but after a talk with Sky where we see Ceaser break down emotionally, he agrees to have a conversation with his ex. Ceaser nervously waits in the driveway for Dutchess to pull up while everyone in the house observes from the window. When the car pulls up Ceaser is shocked and more than likely relieved to find out that Dutchess did come, just not the one who he thought it was. It was apparently Sky’s friend who has the same name, and she only did that help her boss and friend to let that hurt go.

Who else was as disappointed as us we didn’t get that television moment? Anyway, that’s how the season closed on a womp womp moment. As you can imagine Black Ink Crew viewers had thoughts about the finale, you can hit the gallery below to see them.

Photo: VH1 / Black Ink Crew