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Miami Heat Media Day

Jimmy Butler is most known for his exploits on the basketball court and for being an elite coffee snob but there is a new side of him emerging. During a media day event for the Miami Heat, Jimmy Butler debuted a new hairstyle that seemed to be inspired by the R&B bands of the 80s, and fans on X are reacting.

Jimmy Butler, 34, appeared at the media day event for the Heat on Monday (October 2) and displayed his typical confidence in leading his squad back to the NBA Finals and finally completing the goal of winning it all. But all the chatter today is about Butler’s new look, which is a permed and layered hairstyle with piercings and the whole nine.

Butler is no stranger to trying out over-the-top styles as evidenced by his temporary dreadlocks style from last year. And while the look itself was enough, Jimmy Buckets is a walking soundbite.

“I’m very emotional right now. This is my emo state and I like this. This is me,” Butler said of his new look.

The look continues beyond the hairstyle with Butler’s left eyebrow pierced along with his lip and nose and his fingernails were painted Black. It appears that his teammates were unaware of Butler’s media day fashion statement, especially Bam Adebayo.

“That is not real. That is f*cking hilarious,” Adebayo said.

Butler is one of the most reliable players in the NBA and has transformed the culture of the Miami Heat with his winning attitude. And that confidence we spoke of before came out in his time at the podium, promising to bring the title to South Beach.

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Photo: Sam Navarro / Getty