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Apparently, struggle rapper du jour Kid Rock is still making music. His latest song is some anti-woke nonsense, and Twitter is slandering the goofball accordingly.

For those who don’t know, Kid Rock was always a privileged white guy who found rap, made some cash of it, and continues to flourish, allegedly, off of his colonizing ways. Real Hip-Hop heads give absolutely no f*cks about Kid Rock, so he’s been relegated to the backwaters of MAGA-land and people who don’t know any better.

So here we are, and Kid Rock has reportedly created a song with themes of anti-wokeness and anti-cancel culture.

Reports TMZ:

It’s an interesting tune — and definitely NOT subtle whatsoever in the message KR is trying to communicate … namely, his apparent frustration with what he considers over-sensitivity.

With lyrics like … “So what the f***’s up with all the backlash? // You snowflakes, here’s a news flash!” … it’s pretty on the nose. In fact, he gets even more direct … singing, “And, these minions and their agendas // Every opinion has a millennial offended // But this amendment one, it rings true // And if you don’t dissent, bitch, then see number two.”

Yeah … he weirdly invokes the Second Amendment, which seems to imply violence. That aside, though — there’s actually a lot of people who might agree with Kid, generally, about cancel and/or call-out culture — but the thing is … his own behavior of late has warranted it.

Our apologies to anyone taking the time to listen to or watch this drivel. We are much more entertained by Kid Rock slander is inspired, which you can peep below.








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