If its one thing the internet loves its a good challenge. Twitter and Instagram users stepped to the plate to take on the lastest internet moment sparked by Kanye West and Lil Pump’s trippy visual for “I Love It.”

Last week (Sept.6) Kanye’s love for porn landed him a gig as one of the creative directors for the inaugural Pornhub Awards where he premiered the song and video. In the Spike Jonez-directed visual that also features comedian Adele Givens, West and Lil’ Pump are hilariously dressed in box-shaped clothing with West sporting oversized Yeezy slides the probably fit better than the smaller versions he had on.

The unusual video where West and Pump proudly proclaim their love for “hos” in the hook while following behind the famed comedian. The video quickly caught on with the internet, and the #ILoveItChallenge was born. Those who partook did their absolute best to recreate the zany video by donning makeshift costumes while doing the shimmy West and Pump do while belting out the song’s raunchy hook.

We scoured both social platforms and compiled the best ones for you so you won’t have to. So if you are in need of a good laugh today, sit back and enjoy these hilarious takes on the “I Love It” video in the gallery below.

Photo: YouTube