South Carolina megachurch leader Pastor John Gray found himself in the middle of a cheating scandal with Gray saying it was just an “emotional affair” and didn’t get physical. The woman at the center of the controversy begged to differ and had the receipts to prove it.


This one is going to take some work to try and break down. Atlanta Hip-Hop figurehead DJ Nabs has accused Nas of sleeping with his girlfriend and confronted the rapper via a letter, in which he admitted that he left his wife for the woman in question.


Wendy Williams' team has come forth to shout down rumors that her husband of 20 years, Kevin Hunter, is embroiled in a decade-year affair.

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Kirk Frost has a lot of explaining to do. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star has dug a whole deep in “ain’t sh-t” territory thanks to the relationship drama playing out with his wife, Rasheeda, on the reality show. However, Kirk insists that what we’ve seen on our screens “wasn’t that bad” while also […]

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Contrary to rumors that have been circulating, the Game insists he is not smashing Khloe Kardashian. An earlier report from Star magazine claimed that the Compton rapper was sleeping with Lamar Odom’s wife. 


Despite winning a championship over in China, Stephon Marbury stays losing. Court documents reveal that Starbury, who is married, “chopped down” the family chef at least five times after she was hired. The Brooklyn native even shelled out almost a cool $1 million to keep the affair on the low. Yeah, that didn’t work.

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There was a time when Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean were more than just group members, they were lovers. Even though he was married, Jean and Hill had an inmate relationship, which led to Fugee’s front woman lying about the paternity of her first child, Zion. According to Jean, who wrote about the ordeal in […]