Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in the role that helped propelled him to action movie stardom…well sort of. Today team Mortal Kombat 11 unveiled the gameplay trailer for the cyborg killing-machine, the Terminator T-800 and some new updates coming to the fighting game.


Arnold Schwarzenegger might’ve never been a professional wrestler but he just found out how one might feel on any given night. Over the weekend the “Governator” paid a visit to South Africa to partake in his Arnold Classic Africa sports festival where he was talking with fans and taking pictures when all of a sudden […]

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Whenever Snoop Dogg hops on Instagram to share his feelings about public figures, it’s usually pretty harsh. He kept the tradition going by speaking his mind on former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and a certain prisoner he allowed to be released early.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is back but this latest Terminator: Genisys is all about Emilia Clarke aka Sarah Connor aka Daenerys from Game Of Thrones. There’s some time traveling going on, but what matters here is plenty of action and “machines” caught all types of carnage. 


The world was anticipating a new Terminator film just like they were an actual robotic apocalypse of Biblical proportions, but Terminator: Genisys has been announced away. Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive first look into the fifth installment of the billion dollar franchise first envisioned by James Cameron and made popular by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and its […]


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infamous “I’ll be back” line from the first two installments of the Terminator franchise has taken on an even bigger significance, seeing that the 66-year-old film icon is reprising his role in the franchise after sitting the last one out to serve as a struggle politictian.

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If there is one thing football fans and non-fans can agree on come Super Bowl Sunday, it’s that the commercials generally make up for a huge chunk of the entertainment.

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As reported by Variety, it has been reported that 50 Cent will be starring opposite of Arnold and Stallone for the movie “The Tomb“, about a man jailed behind the prison he designed. No word yet on what role 50 will have.