The outcome of a high school basketball game had shocking results, literally, after a student was tasered by local authorities. A fight erupted last Friday night at a high school in Pennsylvania which concluded the game and led to the arrest of five people. Authorities stated that the fight broke out at half time and […]

It looks like Michael Jordan has a few gripes with the city that his name has become synonymous with as the former NBA star is suing grocery stores in Chicago. Jordan is fighting to get $10 Million from two grocery stores, making allegations that they used his identity without permission within their ads that were […]

What would the holidays be without some Christmas cheer?  Lupe Fiasco and KRS-One decided to become more animated by featuring themselves in the Nike puppet commercials with NBA superstars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.  With Christmas a few days away, Lupe played the role of Blitzen the Reindeer as he took on Kobe, LeBron and […]

“Even as a man I felt like it should steal on him right now, I’m just going to steal on him and I don’t care what happens.  I’m bout to PUNCH him.” It’s hard for certain fans to see images of an icon shattered when news begins to stir about their actual self behind closed […]


Blockbuster trades are what fans of the off-season look forward to every year. This year marks one of the most exceptional trade seasons in a while with every team seemingly making very calculated moves, all seemingly geared toward making successful runs for the championship. Last week saw Shaquille O’Neil traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in […]