This past Sunday (Mar. 18), officers in Sacramento, California gunned down unarmed Black man Stephon Clark, who was holding nothing more than a cellphone in his grandparents’ backyard. Sacramento officials have released body cam footage of the incident as activists and others are scrambling for answers.

Details continue to pour forth regarding last Friday’s blaze in Oakland, California, which officials say has claimed the lives of 36 people. The city’s district attorney is considering criminal charges in the matter as the investigation remains underway.

Lupe Fiasco burst onto the scene in 2006 after slowly grinding on the mixtape scene and a feature on one of Kanye West‘s early solo hits in “Touch The Sky” from the Late Registration album. Fiasco has since forged his own lane but hasn’t forgotten his Chicago brethren in his time of need after he […]

During an election night many did not expect, there was the silver lining of California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris getting elected as only the second Black U.S. Senator in history. Among the barriers Ms. Harris has shattered, she is also the first senator of Indian-American descent and the first Black person to represent the state […]

An allegedly unarmed Black man was shot and killed in San Diego County, Calif. Tuesday (Sept. 27) after the man’s sister called authorities for medical assistance. Alfred Olango was gunned down by El Cajon police after reportedly acting erratically as he was approached, but eyewitnesses accounts have somewhat contrasted with what has been made public thus […]

Noah Winchester, a former California police officer, was arrested Thursday for the rape of five women across the state. According to developing reports, Winchester, 31, worked for two districts in the northern region of the state and performed the alleged acts while on the job.

Sean Whent, the chief of the Oakland Police Department, has resigned from his post just as the office is under investigation for sexual misconduct by some of its officers. In a statement delivered last week, Chief Whent announced his retirement but did not divulge why he was doing so.

Over the weekend, a scheduled rally held by the Ku Klux Klan was met with violence after protesters clashed with the hate group. The skirmish between the opposing forces left five people injured, one seriously, and 13 others arrested.

A bunch of California nuns are selling illegal weed with  no plans to give up the drug hustle. The women of the Sister of the Valley are proudly breaking the law with their mail order marijuana business run through Etsy.

A California teen allegedly confessed to killing her boyfriend in a Facebook post before going on the run. Police in San Bernardino, Calif. are now looking for 18-year-old Nakasia James in the death of 21 year-old Dorian Powell.

This week, California officials granted media rare access into San Quentin’s death row unit where more than 700 inmates are housed, and an $853,000 death chamber sits unused. For nearly a decade, debates over capitol punishment have paused executions at the prison, which has the largest number of death row inmates in the country.

The situation in San Bernardino, Calfi. on Wednesday is the latest mass shooting event and the 355th mass shooting of the year according to reports. While investigators scramble to piece together why the suspects opened fired at the Inland Regional Center, the information available to the public still cannot explain the root of the tragedy.