We have left Chicago and now are back in the streets of Harlem, NY, its time for a new season of Black Ink Crew: New York. Don’t worry the drama is still here for the show’s 8th season.

Black Ink tattoo shop founder and leader Ceaser Emanuel has some explaining to do. The body ink slinger was recently arrested after cops discovered he was driving with a fake license.

Last week on Black Ink Crew Sky suggested her boss Ceaser needed to come with her to Los Angeles to decompress. This week the head of HR decides the whole entire crew needs to take a trip to the west coast.

We are only in episode two of the new season of Black Ink Crew and things are getting extra spicy in the Harlem “tattoo shop.”

Black Ink Crew Chicago season is done and now its time to head back to New York where the mess originated from. Black Ink Crew’s new season kicked off last night (March 13), and the show wasted no time getting crazy.

The drama didn’t simmer down since the big brawl in the big easy last week when the Black Ink Crew gave a Herb a beat down for knocking Sky’s wig off. It gets even worse for the Ceaser as an old nemesis trolls him epically using his shop.