gay marriage

T.I. takes the title of his song “Live Your Life” to heart. During an appearance on Hot 97’s morning show with Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg (and K. Foxx) yesterday (May 16th), the Kang was asked his opinion on gay marriage. “To be absolutely honest with you, I don’t care, okay.” said Tip. “I don’t […]

The family of Tupac Shakur is blasting allegations that he hated gay people. The rumor stems from a Howard Stern interview where Suge Knight  stated that the slain rapper didn’t like homos-xuals, citing Dr. Dre as an example. “Tupac stood up and said, I’m tired of this.  Dre, you’s a fa**ot. You’re a homos-xual,” Knight told […]

Members of the LGBT community in Washington, D.C. are ecstatic now that the nation’s capital has begun its first round of licensing and officiating for same-sex marriage. As previously reported gay marriage was made legal in the capital in December but did not become official until this week after undergoing congressional review. Now that the […]

In a historic vote, the city council for the District of Columbia has voted to pass a bill that would make same sex-marriages legal by a count of 11 to 2. One more vote is required to make the move legal but that is expected to be a mere formality as 10 of the 13 […]